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April, 2007
Added page for Computer and Internet Safety

March, 2007
Updated and Added several pages in the last year.
Added a 2nd Article Library page, as more articles are posted.

April, 2006
Added BP MS 150 2006 (Bike Ride April 22-23,2006) National MS Society article
Added Bradley House Historic Recognition article
Added McNeir Cemetery Dedication - April 8, 2006 - Page 1 | Page 2

March, 2006
Added article - Historical Commission Judges at Lee College - National History Day
Added article - Elizabeth Winfree Barrow Cemetery Marker Dedication
Added history contest links: CCHC, DAR, and NationalHistoryDay to local resource page for students.
Updated announcement page to reflect some events in Texas Independence

February, 2006

Added 2 articles from the archives of CCHC
Updated Announcement Page with upcoming CCHC and TSHA events, and Texas Week page
Added McNeir Cemetery Historical Marker Dedication info to Announcement Page
Added Orange,TX history links to Our Neighbors page - Navy Park and Shipbuilding report

January, 2006
Updated Announcements & Past Event pages, and deleted holiday page links.

December, 2005
Added Holiday pages, anded link to   Waterborne Education Center (WEC)

November, 2005
Updated announcement page for upcoming events

August and September, 2005
Updated Weather page to include more hurricane information

July, 2005
Added Google Maps to Local Resource Page
Added TX to Links Page

May, 2005
Added 2 websites to History Page:
American War Library Home Page / Index
The National D-Day Museum, New Orleans (WWII Museum)
Added additional Historical Markers - page 1 & page 2
Note: Historical Marker pages are an ongoing project in connection with the CCHC
Chambers County Historical Commission to provide information and updates.
Added Past Event page
- for historical events advertised on this website (website history log)

April, 2005
Added Texas Online Services link to local resource page
Added articles recieved via email, from the Chambers County Historical Commission
Redesigned Historical Marker page, updated THC Atlas link, added markers (ongoing project)
Redesigned the Organization page and added links

March, 2005
Added Church Directory
Added Volunteer Directory
Added Houston PBS TV Broadcast Schedule to Local Resources Page
Redesigned Our Neighbors page, and added several towns
Updated Links under Houston (Our Neighbors page) - city site changed web address
Added Suggest a Site link for Our Neighbors Page
Added TxDot Travel Information to Local Resources & Weather/Traffic Page

Added 2 links to Local Resource Page under Resource websites:
InfoPlease  Encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, biographies, dictionary, thesaurus and more.
Mozilla Firefox  Free internet browser that blocks popups.

February, 2005
Added page for Texas Week


January, 2005
Added Business Directory (local), and business links
Added link to Anahuac Chamber of Commerce
Added Local Organizations Page
Removed holiday pages -except New Year page
Added Historical marker page , Dr. Schilling's Office, and other marker listings
Added Coloring Page - Pictures of Texas

December, 2004
Added National Historic Strand District to Our Neighbors page
Added New Years Page (temporary for holiday)
Added New Years pictures on Coloring page (temporary for holidays)

November, 2004
Added Holiday Pages (temporary for holidays)
  Christmas - History of holiday and traditions
  Christmas Coloring pages
  Christmas Quotes from the past

Added Announcement page for announcements received
Added TITR sign to index page
Added Photos of Travis' Alamo Letter (front/back of actual letter)

October, 2004
Added Site Map

September, 2004
Our Neighbors page - added Seabrook, Texas
Our Neighbors page - added Bolivar,TX and Crystal Beach, Texas
Added new page - Weather and Traffic - includes Hurricane links
History page -- added historical marker websites
Local Resource page - added Golf course websites
Local Resource page - added Texas Education Agency, and College For Texans
Our Neighbors page - added UTMB, and Houston/Galveston Historic websites

August, 2004
Received/Added 1st article


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