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Computer & Internet Safety

  This page is for computer and internet safety awareness. It is a resource Only - and by NO means a complete list!    
The Internet is Archived
Search engines collect info from Open message boards - which makes the posts Searchable
A Thought: Meeting Online First gives a potential predator an edge - they already know a lot about you (& location/family/friends?) by what and how you responded &/or said. It's best NOT to meet someone you've only met online, but if you do PLEASE Let Others Know ALL the Details, and Take Precautions To STAY SAFE!

NEVER Post Anything Online - ANYWHERE - That You Wouldn't Want Others (parent, teacher, employer,) to See, Read, or Keep.
Photos may stay online longer than expected
IMs Can Be Saved

Internet Privacy and Security


Internet - General Info


Identity Theft


Social Networking Safety


Online Purchases


Wireless Network Security

General Computer Security

Security Software (Some Available Options)
Please Check Compatability With Your PC

The Internet Is A Wondeful Resource If Used Wisely
Please Take Time to READ and LEARN about SAFETY, and Please Monitor Use by Children & Teens!
The Links on this page are to outside sources, and they and the information presented are to be used as Resources Only.
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