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To bring together and promote the history, heritage, and resources of Chambers County and its people, in a way that is beneficial to all.



To all people who have ever fought for freedom, at home or abroad.

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Anahuac Chamber of Commerce
Chambers County, Texas
Chambers County Historical Commission
Texas Historical Commission
Texas Independence Trail Region
TSHA - The Handbook of Texas Online
Wallisville Heritage Park Museum
West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce
Winnie Area Chamber of Commerce
Local newspapers: Barbers Hill Press, The Baytown Sun, The Hometown Press, and The Progress

A special thanks to family, friends, and to the local contributors of articles posted to this website.

For information about the county, please see the Chambers County, Texas website.


Disclaimer: This website and its owner take no responsibility for the information and links presented. The information is provided only as a possible resource. Items requested for listing, such as articles, businesses, churches, and organizations are requested soley to provide public information (and/or history - articles) for community involvement and community spirit. No recommendations are given or intended, and this site takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented. It is not the intent to deny any requests, however this website retains that right. If you have questions or comments, or note a broken link, please send an email to

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