Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony
Held At The McNeir Cemetery
Smith Point, Texas


8 April 2006


The Chambers County Historical Commission, descendants of Sarah Ridge Paschal Pix, and the McNeir families joined to gather Saturday, April 8, 2006, to honor the McNeir Cemetery at Smith Point, Texas, with an “Official Texas Historical Marker and Medallion” Ceremony.

The cemetery gained this status through the Texas Historical Commission program, R.I.P., recognizing historic cemeteries located in Texas. The McNeir Cemetery was among one of the first cemeteries in Chambers County to receive this historical status.

A “Greeters’ Table” was present to receive the more than 125 family members, dignitaries and visitors who attended the historic event. Among the greeters were Mrs. Dorothy McNeir Horner, her daughter Mrs. Dottie Doyen Ridenour, her son Mr. John Randolph Doyen, Mrs. Mary Edith Scott, Mrs. Kay Willcox, and Mr. George (Pudge) Willcox

The ceremony began with the Company F. Spaight’s Battalion, Camp #858, Sons of the Confederate Veterans Honor Guard, marching to their post at the entrance of the cemetery. This was followed by the Freeman-Spath Post 104, of the Anahuac American Legion Honor Guard and Flag Bearer, marching to their respective post at the cemetery entrance.

The Rev. Marjorie McNeir opened the ceremony with the Invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag, led by Bob Wheat, Chairman of the Chambers County Historical Commission, who then led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas Flag.

Bob Wheat introduced the guests of honor, which included Mr. Jack Baker, President of the National Trail of Tears Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Also, Ms. Anna Smith, who represented Salem College and Academy, where Sarah Ridge went to college. Ms. Smith is the President of The Cherokee-Moravian Historical Society of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Ms. Marjorie Lowe, a descendant of James Foster, a signer of the Treaty of New Echota with Major Ridge, was introduced. Ms. Lowe resides in Houston, Texas. Also recognized were Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia, Chambers County Sheriff Joe LaRive, and Precinct-1 County Commissioner Mark Huddleston.

Chairman Wheat gave a short report regarding the history of the Texas Historical Commission 2002 program, R.I.P., which represents – Record, Investigate, and Protect – all historic cemeteries in Texas. The Chambers County Historical Commission was invited to participate with the Texas Historical Commission in recording all the cemeteries in Chambers County. To date, about 110 cemeteries have been recorded, with about one dozen gaining historical status, and more currently under investigation. Chambers county is considered to be among one of the 107 fastest developing counties of Texas. The development of new housing construction, agricultural uses, roads, theft, vandalism and neglect potentially threaten the cemeteries of the county

R. B. Scherer, Jr., District Clerk of Chambers County offered remarks of the county’s administration policies concerning historical preservation.

Commissioner Mark Huddleston spoke of the roles of his office in working with, and supporting, the county historical commission; it’s functions, goals, and importance.

Mrs. Dorothy McNeir Horner proceeded with the ancestor’s honors, with greetings to the McNeir descendants.

Ms. Desiree Doyen, daughter of Mrs. Dorothy McNeir Horner, gave an eloquent, affabile delivery of “The Real Meaning of Peace”.


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Article by CCHC Chairman Bob Wheat, with Photos by Pudge and Kay Willcox, and Stephanie Rowland
Chambers County Historical Commission

Texas Historical Marker
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