Chambers County, Texas

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This site contains numerous pages of history recorded from, and about, Chambers County, Texas.
Below are only a few of the names and places that can be found. Take the time one day to do a search by putting in names from around the county. You may be pleasantly surpised by how much information you find.

Some of the people recorded in the History of Chambers County, Texas

Henry Perry (17??-1817)

General José Manuel Rafael Simeón de Mier y Terán (1789-1832)

Juan Davis Bradburn (1787-1842)

William Barret Travis (1809-1836)

Thomas Jefferson Chambers (1802-1865). He arrived in what is now known as Chambers county in 1830.

Charles Wilcox (1785-1876)

Barzillai J. Chambers (1918-1895). Nephew to Thomas Jefferson Chambers, he arrived in Chambers county in 1837.

William Morton Chambers
(1821-1892) Nephew to Thomas Jefferson Chambers, he became the 1st Chief Justice in the new Chambers County.

Charles Norman Eley (1837-1894)

Benjamin Barrow (1808-1877)

James Jackson (1822-1895)

Guy Cade Jackson Jr. (1905-1980)

Some of the places recorded in the History of Chambers County, Texas

Anahuac, Texas

Anahuac Field

Bancroft, Texas

Barbers Hill Oilfield

Cedar Bayou, Texas
Cedar Bayou forms the boundary between Harris and Chambers Counties.

Cedar Point, Texas

Chambers County, Texas

Note: Chambersea (depending on the source) refers to the name of the Thomas Jefferson Chambers home, as well as his desired name for the town of Anahuac. See the entries below:

Chambersea (and Anahuac)
Chambersea (and Chambers County)
Chambersea (and Charles Wilcox)
Chambersia (and Thomas Jefferson Chambers)

Cove, Texas

Double Bayou, Texas

Eagle, Texas
Eagle is east of Farm Road 563 between Oak Island and Double Bayou.

East Bay Bayou
East Bay Bayou rises four miles west of Stowell in eastern Chambers County (at 29°45' N, 94°26' W) and runs south until it merges with the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in northern Galveston County.

Elm Bayou
Elm Bayou, which is intermittent in its upper reaches, rises five miles west of Stowell in eastern Chambers County.

Eminence, Texas

Fort Anahuac - Texas

Fort Chambers - Texas

Frio Deep-Seated Salt Dome Fields
The Frio Deep-Seated Salt Dome fields lie south and southeast of Houston in Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris, Galveston, and Chambers counties along the Texas coast.

Graydon, Texas

Hankamer, Texas

Harmon, Texas

Lake Anahuac - Texas

Oak Island, Texas

Old River-Winfree, Texas
Formerly known as Winfree

Oyster Bay
Oyster Bayou rises seven miles west of Winnie in east central Chambers County.

Monroe City, Texas

Mont Belvieu, Texas

Mud Bayou

Runs through Jefferson, Chambers, and Galveston counties.

Perry's Point

Robinson Bayou

Round Point, Texas

Seabreeze, Texas

Smith Point, Texas

Smith Point (2)

Stowell, Texas

Turtle Bayou (Chambers County ,Texas)

Turtle Bayou (Liberty County, Texas)

Wallisville, Texas

Whites Bayou
Whites Bayou, also known as Long Island Creek and Blau Gully north of Devers, rises a mile southwest of Daisetta in east central Liberty County (at 30°05' N, 94°40' W) and runs south into Chambers County.

Winnie, Texas

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