Archivo General de la Nacion - Mexico


This is an excellent site listing Mexico's archives, and it contains a wealth of information about their history. They seem to continually update the site, adding more information each time. It contains a search feature that is easy to use. There is also a section for children.
Archivo General de la Nacion - Mexico

When looking at the site, if you want to skip the Intro, click on "saltar intro" near the bottom right of the page

The children's section, AGN - jovenes, opens the brower to full size
To exit it, click on "salir" near the bottom right of the screen.



For those who don't read Spanish

Free offers a program where one can copy/paste the words or paragraphs, and get a free translation quickly.
It helps to open two internet browers and go back and forth from one to the other for translations.

The front page of the AGN site cannot be highlighted/copied, however the navigation buttons are listed below (loosly translated). Please email if you note errors in translation

The other pages can be copied and translated easily.

The navigation buttons on the front page

Quienes Somos ? (Who we are)

Servicios al Publico (Services)

Actividades Culturales (Cultural Activities)

Instrumentos de consulta en linea -- This page contains a presentation, with an English version of it on the site.
This is also the page from which a search of the AGN archives can be done.
"Buscar" is the button for seek/search.

Mapa del AGN (Map of the AGN)

AGN - jovenes (AGN - Children)

Inicio (Start -- Home page)


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