"The Progress"

Thursday, August 14, 1941

Organization of the Aircraft Warning Service Local Council for Chambers County has been completed. Judge Guy C. Jackson has been designated as Chairman of the Local Council and Floyd Williams as Secretary.

There will be eleven Posts located in each community of the county. Each Post will be designated by a Code Name, and 23 observors will be assigned to duty at each Post. Each Observation Corp will consist of a Chief Observor, a first and second Assistant, and twenty regular observers. They are to be under the direct control of the Army command at all times.

Chambers County was one of the 61 counties of the state under the Third Interceptor Command to receive orders to complete their organization immediately. The Third Interceptor Command, GHQ Air Force, advised that the Warning Service would be used in the 61 counties in connection with the Army maneuvers to be held soon. The main requirement of the location of the Post is that it be located within 15 seconds of a telephone.

Each of the 23 observers of all 11 Posts in the county must be registered with the Council before they may be assigned to duty in the Aircraft Warning Service.

Interviewers will be needed to fill out these registration blanks, and a call for volunteers has been made. All those wishing to offer their services in this capacity are requested to apply to Judge Jackson immediately. The interviewers will be selected and given instructions as to their duties.

Judge Jackson reports that seven out of the eleven Posts in the county have completed their organization. Wallisville, Hankamer, Seabreeze and Monroe City have not as yet reported a complete organization.

The seven Posts with their location, code name and observers that are awaiting registration are:

DOUBLE BAYOU, Code name 8-Sinclair-26,  Chief – Carroll Wilborn,  1st assistant, Mrs. Elma Wilborn,  2nd assistant, R. J. Barrow;   ANAHUAC,  (7-Roger-91)  Chief  Dr. W. D. Wolfean,  1st Monty Miles,  2nd R. N. Dugas;   COTTON LAKE  (7-Sinclair-59)  Chief O. T. Creel,  1st  D. King,  2nd D. W. McLeod;   MONT BELVIEU  (7-Roger-35)  Chief G. W. Shay,  1st L. R. Turner,  2nd C. Colley;   CEDAR POINT  (7-Sinclair-26)  Chief E. L. Cutbirth,  1st R. B. Saxton,  2nd J. S. Elliff;   COVE  (7-Roger-63)  Chief L. G. Shaeffer,  1st W. M. Joseph,  2nd J. O. Williams; WINNIE  (8-Roger-93)  Chief R. A. Thornton,  1st Joe Gregg,  2nd B. L. Syphrett.

Applications for volunteer interviewers will be received at any time, and registration will start immediately after their approval. Complete organization of the posts and instruction of the observers should be completed in the next week or ten days, according to Judge Jackson.


Note:   Originally “Transcribed and typed from the Microfilm Newspaper Collection of the Wallisville Heritage Park by Kevin Ladd on 7/6/1990.”
This is a reprint of his transcription from the archives of the Chambers County Historical Commission.

Papers stored in the CCHC Archives with the article:
Award Certificate     (click here for larger image)
2- List of Posts             (click here for larger image)

Article and Papers
From the Archives of the Chambers County Historical Commission

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