Historic Home Recognized


The Chambers County Historical Commission recognized the Hamilton-Willcox-Clark home in a ceremony Saturday, February 10th.

The home, built by Col. F. M. Hamilton about 1910-1911, was of the Kansas Prairie House style, or Victorian style.

Hamilton was born in Ohio in 1846, later moving to Kansas, and in 1895, moved to Anahuac. Col. Hamilton, a businessman in Anahuac, and his wife Clara, raised three boys and two girls in the home.

Col. Hamilton was found dead in the home in April 1914, having been struck in the back of his head by an unknown assailant.

Grover C. Willcox purchased the home from Mrs. Hamilton and resided there for 60 years. Mr. Willcox served the county as Country Treasurer. He and his wife raised six girls and one boy in the home.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark purchased the home in 1975, and restored the home to its present condition today.

Shown above from left to right are: Mrs. Cynthia Clark, Mr. Warren G. Clark,
CCHC Vice Chair Bob Scherer, Jr, and
CCHC Chairman Bobby J. Wheat

Article by CCHC Chair Bob Wheat
Photo by Mrs. Marjorie Wheat

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