CCHC Recognizes County Cemeteries

Article by CCHC Chairman, Bobby J. Wheat


The initials, R.I.P., once commonly found carved on tombstones, bid the deceased an earthly wish for eternal "Rest in Peace".

Today, it also has another meaning revelant to Cemeteries-it denotes the New Texas Historical Commission (THC) cemetery survey program: Record, Investigate, Protect (R.I.P.)

The THC has, since 2003, put the "RIP" Program into place concerning cemeteries around the state. It asks each county historical commission to designate at least one cemetery each month that is presently unknown, isolated or little recognized. Many of these cemeteries have historical significance although the years have eroded public awareness of them. The designation indicates that such a cemetery will receive recognition and hopefully, increase public awareness. In many cases, these old cemeteries are overgrown with weeds due to neglect, indicating a need for clean-up. A few, although very few, still have families or concerned citizens maintain them.

Cemeteries do have their own history to tell. The Chambers County Historical Commission has now recognized, marked or designated some 114 cemeteries with many more remaining. This month (Sept) the commission will recognize the Wilcox-Chapman Cemetery, located on the west side of Hwy 563, on private property, between Anahuac and IH-10. Among others, it contains the grave of A.G.V. Wilcox (1843-1925), rumored, though not proven, to have killed General Thomas Jefferson Chambers in 1865 at the Chambers home "Chambersia. The Chapmans are also an old Chambers County family buried in the cemetery.

The Historical Commission will continue to recognize one or more cemeteries each month in the hope of increasing public awareness. The Commission also welcomes input from area citizens as to little known or remote cemeteries, however small. The Commission phone number is 409.267.8363. You may also leave a message at this number


Article written September 16, 2007

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