The Chambers County Historical Commission recently recognized the Dr. Nicholas Schilling home by displaying an Old House Recognition Sign in front of the house. The home was built in the mid 1880’s following Dr. Schilling’s marriage to Linna Gaillard in 1883. The Schillings built the home near the banks of Cedar Bayou and were the parents of two children. For a time, the home also served as the doctor’s office. In 1890, Dr. Schilling built a separate building near the home to use as his office.

The house has been moved from the original location and it is now located on Gou Hole Road in Cove. The current owners are Michael and Adrieanna Kizer, who have been restoring the house to as near the original condition as possible. During this process, they have scraped several layers of paint from the porch banisters and have determined the original paint colors which have now been matched with a new paint job. The house was built from Cypress and Long Leaf Yellow Pine lumber and several boards have been found to contain the fire brand of the sawmill where they were processed. One of the brands is from a noted Cypress Mill in Louisiana.

The interior of the home remains much intact today, just as it was originally constructed. Modern conveniences of electricity, air conditioning and plumbing have been added over the years. However, the ornate wooden staircase as well as the beautiful wooden floors and wooden trim work remain in the original form.




The Kizer family is to be commended for their extreme interest in the preservation of one of Chambers County’s most treasured landmarks.



Written by CCHC Publicity Chair Pudge Willcox
March 30, 2008


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