March 18- March 26 has been designated as National Agriculture Week and the Chambers County Commissioners Court recently declared this week as Chambers County Agriculture Week as well. To commemorate Agriculture Week, the Chambers County Historical Commission is recognizing the Chambers County Farms and Ranches that have been honored by the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Family Land Heritage Program.

The Family Land Heritage Program was started in 1974 by the Texas Department of Agriculture to honor farms and ranches for being maintained in continuous agricultural production by the same family for 100 years or more. The program chronicles the unique history of Texas agricultural production and the contributions of Texas families to agriculture- the state’s second largest industry.

In order to qualify, the same family must have maintained the land in continuous agricultural production for 100 years or more. Family can include relatives by blood, marriage or adoption. The land must fit the old U.S. Census definition of a farm: 10 acres or more with agricultural sales of $50 or more a year; or if less than 10 acres, sales of at least $250. Owners must be actively managing the everyday operation of the farm or ranch.

The Chambers County Farms and Ranches that have qualified are listed below.


Chambers County Historical Commission



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