Lone Star Canal Company

From the Liberty Vindicator - March 21, 1902

H. G. Walger, engineer for the Lone Star canal Co, has just completed locating the main canal and laterals, which will bring into cultivation thousands of acres of fertile prairie lands. This canal will run through several large bodies of land never touched by plow. First, W. D. Wilcox, J. L. Frost and Col. Hamilton, about 15,000 acres; then through the pasture-land of James T. White, which contains over 60,000 acres of as good rice land as there is in Texas. In a few years all of this land will give up its native grass and long horned cattle and become one vast rice farm.

The lone Star Canal Co. is going to make all its canals with a water depth of four feet, with firm, compact banks, as it is the intention to run barges on the canal and boat all the rough rice to their mills at Anahuac, where they are in easy touch with Galveston through Trinity Bay. The prospects are now that in a very few years there will be an immense business done here in the handling of rice. Galveston will get all of this trade unless the people of Houston wake up to their interests and get a road from Houston to Port Author.

Liberty Vindicator-3-21-1902 article

From the Archives of the Chambers County Historical Commission

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