Chambers County, Texas


Historical Information

Our county is rich in religious history. Some of the historical information can be found on the websites below. There is more historical information out there, and hopefully in time the information can be made available here. If you have historical information on churches in our community please send it to the address on the contact page, to be presented here.

TSHA Online -- Church Architecture
TSHA Online -- Spanish Mission at El Orcoquisac in Wallisville
TSHA Online -- Eminence and church

First United Methodist Church of Mont Belvieu
Middleton Memorial United Methodist Church in Wallisville (pdf)
Sweet Home Baptist Church in Hankamer

Current Information

Church Directory - Chambers County

Current information about services can also be found in
Anahuac's The Progress, and Winnie's The Hometown Press

On-line Christian ministries:
Houston's Lakewood Church - Joel Osteen Ministries
Kenneth Copeland Ministries - Read/Search The Bible (Online - FREE) / Gospel Communications
Our Daily Bread Daily Devotional
The Upper Room Ministries and Daily Devotional Guide
Verse of the

Net Ministries - Links to several Daily Devotional Reading sites
Church Directory Links - Links to other Christian sites and children's activities

Kids' Activities (Bible activities)
DLTK's Bible Activities
Kids Under Construction

New Liberty Quartet

Announcements! / Church Directory
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