Ever wonder about the history of holidays?

Below is a small sample of the many websites regarding Christmas and traditions


The History of Greeting Cards

The History of Christmas Cards, Calling Cards, etc

1843 Christmas Card

U.S. Capitol Gallery - Christmas Card Collection

Victorian Christmas Card Collection

Walt's Postcards -Collection of Vintage Cards

All Things Christmas - Printables

Christmas Printables


The History Channel – The Real Story of Christmas

History of Christmas Trees

History of Poinsettias

Origins of Christmas

The History Channel - History of Toys

Pictures of Vintage toys (1850-1960) can be found here

The Christmas Archives (UK site)


Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas
Major Henry Livingston, Jr. (1748-1828)


War is always difficult, but is especially so during the holidays
Prayers go out for our Soldiers and their Families

Click to see a larger picture in Grayscale
A famous 1862 picture, by Thomas Nast
Christmas Eve '62


Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Christmas Coloring Pages
     |     Christmas Quotes

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