The Chambers County Historical Commission
Wants to do Your Oral History Interview

    The CCHC is currently interviewing Chambers County Senior Citizens for the purpose of preserving our local history, stories, legends and folklore.

Interviews with citizens have brought forth lost information of the daily living conditions of the old days, location of long gone homes, cemeteries that have been washed away, lighthouses that were located in the bay, and many more interesting personal experiences and stories of the "old days”.

The Commission is also interested in, and encourages Veterans of all wars, to give their personal experiences through oral interviews. "We want to record and save for posterity, for grandkids to know what grandpa did in the war, where day went, and what they experienced.

By recording these personal experiences, a much broader picture emerges to show how all these personal experiences brought about a Victory for the United States and also shows the proud dedication and sacrifices the great warriors, both men and women made during the wars our country has been involved in.

Please contact the CCHC Chair Bob Wheat, or this website, or any member of the Chambers County Historical Commission, to set up your interview.

Written by CCHC Chair Bob Wheat, June 2006


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