Class of '56 Reunion


Article by Bob Wheat



The Anahuac High School Class of 1956 held its 50th Year Anniversary- Reunion at the Wooden Spoon Restaurant, Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

Those attending the gala affair were: Betty Gail Clark Benningfield, Bobby Wheat and wife Margie, Betty Gau Nettles, Joyce Marie Smith Turner and husband George, Betty Tingle, Kenneth Standley, Winston Guidry and wife Margie, Betty Stouder White and class-mate/Husband Jerry White, Francis Green Harris and husband, Reggie Whitmire, 'Booster" Stephenson and wife Pat, and Linda Hubner. Harold Lancon was unable to attend but, graciously provided dinners for the group. Among the guests attending were relatives of deceased class-mate, Fred Guyewski.

The Class members, spouses and guests enjoyed entertainment, provided by co-host Betty Gail Clark Benningfield and Bobby Wheat. Door prizes and "special gifts" made for enteresting fun. Much laughter, reminscing and memories filled the room.

Of the original 36 members of the Class , 10 members: Carly Ann Clore, Louis DiCarlo, Carleen Hutchinson, Eva Jane Johnson, John Keith, Donald Terrell, George Berryman, Bobby Watson, and Fred Guyewski, deceased, were remembered.

The class song "Moments To Remembered" was sung and a "Toast" offered in their memory, and for those unable to attend.

Amid hugging , hand-shakes and well-wishing, The Class again went their seperate ways, looking forward to the next year get-together.

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